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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Chia Seeds and their benefits


Chia seeds belong to the family Lamiaceae and it is also a type of sage belonging to the mint family. Originally from Mexico  due to their medicinal properties this seed grains which are round in shape were preferrred by the Mayans and the Aztecs. Available in different varieties and colours like brown,white,beige and grey they are known to improve and enhance the intellectual abilities and also the endurance level of the body to fight diseases. 

Chia seeds are rich in proteins,fibres,essential fatty acids and Omega 3 fatty acids. They were the staple food for Mayans and Aztecs with beans,maize and Amaranth. Chia seeds are gluten free and rich in calcium,rich in phosphorous,Iron and Vitamin C. It lowers the absorption of glucose in the blood and regulates the secretion insulin. Chia seeds are found to be very effective in treating constipation as they are rich in fibre. 

Chia seeds can be sprinkled over the salades,mixed with yoghurts and also with porridges. Crushed chia seeds can be incorporated into cakes,smoothies,pancakes etc. They have a long shell life and can be preserved for months under room temperature. 

Chia seeds can be soaked in water or juice for a period of thirty minutes before consuming them. The gel obtained by soaking chia seeds are called mucilage as its outer cover absorbs water and contains soluble fibres. A very good source for proteins,fibre,iron,calcium and vitamin c for vegetarians.

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