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Friday, February 27, 2015

Vitamin D and Auto Immune Disorders

Vitamin D not only plays a major role in keeping our bones strong but  also inhibits  the development of cells which may become cancerous . It makes our immune system strong and maintains
 all the vital funtions of our body and controls all the organs of our body.

According to the international scientific studies more than 90% of the population are deficient in vitamin D. This poses a very great risk of developing a list of diseases spanning all the organs of 
entire human body. Vitamin D is considered as one of the important hormones our body needs and has a effect which is equivalent to that of steroids.

It is necessary to expose ourselves to the sunlight for a minimum of twenty minutes before 11 A.M in the morning of after 4 P.M in the evening as our skin has the ability to synthesize enough Vitamin D as sun is the main source of vitamin D . Those who are at a greater risk of developping vitamin D deficiency are people who are aged, infants, those who lead a sedentary lifestyle and those who work during the nights etc.

Deficiency in Vitamin D can lead to a number of diseases like

1. Thyroid disorders (both hypo and hyperthyroidism)


3. Rheumatoid arthritis

4. Prostrate Cancer

4.Autoimmune disorders

5.Colon cancer

7.Sjogren's syndrome


9. Heart disease

Supplementing Vitamin D with synthetic hormones which exceeds 2000UI may induce toxic effects in our body. It increases the calcium deposits in our blood by increasing the calcium deposits in our arteries,tendons and kidneys. In infants it may lead to loss of apetite, diarrhea, thirst etc.

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