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Monday, June 22, 2015



NUTS:Nuts can be consumed in its natural form or pureed, some prefer to extract the milk by grinding them and also they can be eaten in the form of vegetable. Dried apricots,bananas diced,apples,dry fruits are essential for our health and maintaining balance.

RICE: A food which is gluten free and also the staple food of many people. It is partially nourishing. Rich in fibres,wheat flour can be replaced with rice flour in cakes,breads,pastries,etc. There exists a form of rice which is called glutinous rice which doesn't contain gluten.

POTATOES: Rich in starch potato doesn't contain gluten. Potatoes can be consumed in the form of salads,or pureed and can be flattened like cakes etc. Potatoes are important sources for glucides,proteins, and vitamins. It induces the secretion of insulin and has the tendency to increase weight.


QUINOA: This grain originating from ALPS is a superfood without gluten. It is highly nutritious and contains all the amino acids essential for the proper functioning of the organs.

MILK PRODUCTS: As milk doesn't contain gluten it can be consumed by people who are intolerant to other products which contain gluten.

SOYA: Soya doesn't contain gluten. It is very rich in proteins and nutrients. It can be consumed in all forms. Tofu,soya milk,tempeh,miso(both fermented form of soya) etc. Soy sauce is the most sought after ingredient in the cuisine and restaurants. But instead of eating soya sauce consider Tamari as it is gluten free soy sauce. The sprouts of soya beans are yellow in colour and are very rich in proteins and nutrients.

CHOCOLATE: Good news for all those who are intolerant to gluten. But chocolate powder and chololate bars can contain traces of gluten. Gluten helps to prevent the chocolate from sticking on to their aluminium foils.

THE CHESTNUT FLOUR: All forms of chestnut flours can be integrated into food preparations. The  maroon coloured chestnut has a unique taste. It is light in cholesterol,sodium,fats and it is a good source of manganese. Chestnuts can also be consumed either in salted form,sugar coated etc. 

BUCKWHEAT FLOUR: Replace the flour of buckwheat with the wheat flour. Buckwheat flour is very easy to make and it has a particular taste. If you like its unique taste you can incorporate them in breads,muffins,cakes etc. 

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